Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Time Is An Invention #5 - In Which Time Travel Is Freaking HARD

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OK, so at least two or three of you have read the intro by now. Several of you gave a lot of very useful input (I'm looking at you, Eric and Angela), and some of you gave input that wasn't particularly helpful, but was particularly awesome (I'm looking at you, George and Randa).

Pic TOTALLY related.

I've decided that there's a reason that you don't see a massive amount of literature/media about time travel:

It's astoundingly fucking hard to figure out how things work. Not how time travel itself works (obviously), but how people react to a force that completely bypasses what all of us pretty much see as a collective objective force. A second is a second all over the world, and they only travel in one direction. With time travel, you've not only got to figure out how people react to an outside stimulus, but you've also got to factor in when they would even realize that external stimulus...it's very confusing.

There are a number of conundrums (conundrii? conundrices?) that I'm trying to work out after having finished the intro. /*redacted*/

I had a fantastic talk with Angela about this today, during which I came to the conclusion that what I really need to do here is figure out how the Directorate works when it's actually working. What are the parameters for a mission, how does the agent get back, and what's the linear view from each side?

Once I figure out how these guys function, then I can figure out how to properly break them. That's the key that I really need to figure out how all of this works, I think. Bonus mindblow: I have to figure this out from multiple perspectives.

Did I say "have to"? I really meant "get to"?

I really do love doing this...it's an awesome feeling beyond description to have these ideas flowing into my head. While trying to pry them out into a format that others can read and enjoy can be frustrating as hell, there are very few things I'd trade it for.

EDIT - I really like Angela...she's got a wicked bad case of the smart, and conversations with her are giving me HUGE insight into where I can take this story. I would like to get an apology on record to her though, as I'm spending all this time giving her all these spoilers about how it will turn out.

Sorry, Angela :(

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