Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Time Is An Invention #8 - In Which The Progress Is Almost Scary

Originally posted by D on FB Notes Monday, September 7, 2009 at 10:07pm.

Another day at Spider House. Another highly productive Yahoo IM conversation (Thanks Shauna!!!). Another session with more progress made in a few hours than I've been expecting to come in weeks.

I'm pretty sure this is unrelated. I'm going to be wicked embarrassed if I find out I'm wrong, though...

At no point did I expect this to progress so quickly...I'm getting really close to the point where I actually start writing this thing (as opposed to mindmapping/timelining).

This actually makes me kind of nervous.

I'm currently guessing that this is due to a combination of not being personally ready to start releasing the story into the wild (it has been wicked great fun kicking it around in my head and refining it constantly) and being nervous about whether or not I can actually write something this big.

Seriously, I think the biggest draft I've ever written was like 15 pages. You might be thinking that size doesn't matter, but it really does...that 15 pages was kind of intimidating (it started to kind of ramble) and I ended up cutting it down to like 9 (this would be the story about the guy who fell apart...a few of you know about it). This is a massive idea, especially in comparison to what I've written before. Am I really capable of pulling it all together into a cohesive storyline that will still be interesting?

We'll definitely find out, because I'm right on the verge of starting it up. I've already got a second scene in mind...it's going to be kind of difficult, as it's got a lot of revealing in it while simultaneously hiding a great deal. I'm currently deciding whether to go ahead and start this scene up, or go back and do the rewrite of the intro in light of all the new concepts I've gotten in the last few days. Vote on your preferred choice in the comments. I can't promise that I'll follow your collective recommendation, but it's still up in the air enough at the moment that I'm definitely willing to consider it.

Wish me luck, it's starting to get to a really interesting phase...

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  1. Welcome to the Googleverse, happy to have assisted in your assimilation :) Also glad to see the Janet Reid link - isn't she great? She rejected the opportunity to become my agent, but I still <3 her.

    Next on my list: catching up on reading / emails, which includes you.